Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows

There is one major difference between Double hung and single hung windows.

All our windows are custom made by Siminton to fit the original openings of your home.

Double Hung

Double hung windows offer additional operations over single hung windows.  One major benefit of double hung windows is that the sashes tilt inward on double hung windows.  The additional tilt feature of double hung windows mean that the windows can be cleaned from the inside.  The added convenience received for cleaning double hung windows is worth the addition cost.  On double hung windows both the top sash and bottom sash both slide up and down.


With single hung windows, the top sashes do not tilt.  The bottom sash of single hung windows still slides up and down.  Single hung windows don’t offer the cleaning convenience received from double hung windows.  Single hung windows can still add the comfort and energy efficiency to your home.